It’s been a while since I made a tutorial or post any new updates for MikaTeach. I have been really busy with school work and couldn’t find the time to dedicate myself for this website. I really miss you guys my readers .

Early last year (2017 to be explicit), I made this website for fun + to share my experience while learning programming. It was really fun experience and I managed to learn many new things that school will never taught. But because of typical programming student busy life, the frequency of the content that I post starts to slow down and eventually, I have no time to maintain it. I was lucky enough to get the domain name for free last year, but sadly it went down aka expire just a few days ago 😭 and so I have decided to get a new one under a different top-level domain name.

Unfortunately, the free hosting also reached its end of life and although I managed to backup most of the data, I refrain myself from pressing the import backup button and have everything in one place like it used to be. Although the content is still pretty much up-to-date with today’s standard, I have decided to rewrite everything and fix some of my mistakes and inconsistencies that I think is quite baaaaad. I know it will take some time to fully restore the website and its content, but worry not because this time around I have someone on my back 🙆🏼‍♀️. In the mean time, make sure to bookmark the new domain name and expect new weekly post.

Before I end this short update, Just to let you guys know, I also made a personal blog few weeks ago with this new static site generator called Gatsby. At first I was going to migrate all of the post there, but after considering few things like ease of use and the content management itself, I feel using wordpress is a much more better solution.

Anyway, that’s all for the updates and I will try my best to add new quality content frequently so make sure to subscribe to our weekly newsletter (upcoming release). I am also looking for an author that is interested with web development and any web related topics in general that would like to share their experience.

So if you are the chosen one, make sure to contact me 💌 with your details and I guess that’s all for now. Ja~neee 👋🏻.