There are many outdated and misleading information about PHP Programming and tutorials out there. Sadly, many new PHP developers fall into it and this is very dangerous as it can lead them astray and develop bad codes with lots of bugs and errors.

You might be wondering, “How to learn PHP efficiently?“, “How can I become a better PHP developer” or “How can I improve my PHP codes?” and here’s the answer, the right resource to learn from.

In this post, I am going to list out some of the websites and online resources that I recommend for new PHP developers. All of the resources listed below are free and updated so go check them out and learn to be a better PHP developer.

1 – Official PHP Website

The official website
The official website
The official PHP and documentation website for PHP is and it’s the one go to website for most PHP developers. It might not look much, but any information about PHP is available on the website and what’s nice is that the documentation covers each version of PHP.

Go ahead and read the documentation multiple times and try to get used to with the basic building blocks of PHP. It will be daunting when you first see all of the topics that they provide there. But don’t worry though, you will get used to it in no time. 🎺

2 – PHP The Right Way

PHP The Right WayPHP The Right WayThe second resource that I highly recommend is PHP The Right Way. It strives to provide the latest and updated links related to online PHP resource. It’s recommended for new PHP developers to check out each of the topics that’s available on PHP The Right Way.

“This is a living document and will continue to be uPdated with more helpful information and examples as they become available”


One thing that’s also nice about PHP The Right Way is the fact that it’s a living document, because it will always be updated by the online community. They will never get outdated. Make sure to bookmark the website and check it once in a while to see what’s new from the PHP community.

3 – The PHP Practitioner

Laracasts The PHP Practitioner
Laracasts The PHP Practitioner

The third on the list is The PHP Practitioner series and it’s available in Laracasts for free and it’s one of the best video resource for beginners, in my opinion. It consists of 25 video lessons which will go through PHP topics incrementally starting with setting up PHP on the local environment, explaining the basic of PHP, a little dive into MySQL, introduction to PHP objects and much more. It contains top notch information and understandable explanations for beginners, so make sure to check it out.

4 – Let’s Learn PHP

The last resource that I would recommend is Let’s Learn PHP which is our own online PHP tutorial. This is more of a code example and snippets that basically will ease the learning of PHP. The code that we’ve displayed is user friendly and it’s easy to understand.

From the tutorial, you will be able to Learn basic of PHP, Object Oriented PHP and PHP best Practices. This tutorial will always be updated and enhanced to add better content. If you are looking at it now, it’s probably still not complete and the topics that’s covered is still limited. Stay tuned for more!


In conclusion, you should stay away from outdated PHP resources and stay updated with the latest content from the PHP community. It’s that easy 😄!

In case we’ve missed any other great resources out there or you have any other suggestions, let us know in the comments section below. Good luck and happy coding!