Laravel 5.7 has some new cool features as well as several other enhancement and bug fixes. In this post, I will list out some of the noticable changes and some of the new additions to Laravel 5.7 family.

Laravel Database-less password resets

The first on the list is database-less password resets and this will allow us to reset password through signed URLs that we have specified.

Flattened the resources/assets directory into resources for Laravel 5.7

Secondly the resources/assets directory will also be flattened so any new laravel projects will have this directory at the same place. For existing project, we can just leave it as it’s and it will works as usual.


Laravel 5.7 Callable Action URLs

In laravel 5.7, we can create url from controller and action method by using this helper.

$url = action('[email protected]', ['id' => 1]);

But now we have new addition where we can generate a link by using what’s called “callable array syntax” or “tuple notation”.

$url = action([PostController::class, 'index']);

5.7 Release Notes

Laravel 5.7 Release Notes is also out and you can check them out fron the laravel website itself.

This is not all though, a lot of new features are coming in the laravel 5.7. Stay tune for more updates.